What our Clients Say…

“Zac helped us with a difficult problem related to the US education market.   He had an incredible impact in a very short period of time, bringing significant leverage and leading our team to reach conclusions that we wouldn’t have arrived at ourselves.  I can’t recommend Zac highly enough.”

Sally Ride President of Sally Ride Science and first American woman in space


“We brought Zac Fisher Consulting in to help us with a challenging product launch and partnership opportunity in Europe. Zac grasped the dynamics of the opportunity quickly, offering new insights during our preliminary discussions about the project. Having joined the team, Zac engaged effectively in technical areas far outside his usual domain and established himself as a respected voice amongst the engineers on the project team.

Zac raised the level of thinking by distilling large amounts of information into a form that drove the team to approach problems with new perspectives. This work spanned a broad range of disciplines including market, financial, competitive and customer analysis.

Working with Zac is highly enjoyable. He often demonstrates his depth of knowledge and thinking, but he always lets the team shine through and sees every interaction as a learning experience for himself. His contributions were extremely valuable, moving the project beyond what we would have achieved without him. Zac Fisher Consulting is a tremendous resource.”

Giles BakerSVP, Broadcast Business Group, Dolby Laboratories


“I worked closely with Zac Fisher and the rest of his consulting team when we hired him to spearhead the International Strategy for Blackboard’s global organization.

As a result of Zac’s incredible work that included an in depth marketing and financial assessment, we completely revamped our international strategy. The level of rigor around analytics with an intense focus on customers is core to the work Zac does.

Zac’s process resulted in strong fact based decisions on where to invest. In addition, Zac quickly assimilated into Blackboard and became a key trusted advisor and very much part of my extended staff. I’ve worked with major consulting firms. Zac Fisher Consulting is among the best of the best”

Judy K. Verses– President and Chief Client Officer, Blackboard


“Zac is our secret weapon.”

CEO and Chairman of the Board– Publicly traded consumer products company


“I started working with Zac about 10 years ago, when he led a team to help unravel one of the thornier issues the company had been trying to address. Zac led a highly focused analysis, and quickly zoomed in on the core issues. As a result of his efforts, we embarked on a significant strategic opportunity, which continues to create value to this day.

When I joined LeapFrog, one of the first people I asked to help me was Zac because of his capacity to quickly master the details of problems and to identify practical and valuable solutions.”

William Chiasson- Chairman of the Board, LeapFrog  (formally CFO and CEO)

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