Our work and how we add value

Working either alone or with compact teams of experienced consultants, we apply a variety of highly quantitative approaches to bring creative, fact based solutions to solve tough problems.    Zac Fisher has over 20 years experience consulting on strategy and is integrally involved with all projects.  Our teams are composed of great consultants who will work well throughout organizations in a respectful manner without any drama.

Our primary expertise is in the creative application of quantitative methods and  strategic analysis. We back this with experience across many functional and vertical areas.   Our work product takes on many forms, each as individual as your company and your specific challenges.


In general though, we focus on understanding and harnessing the fundamental drivers of growth, profitability and economic value added.   Often we start with developing precise mappings of where companies are profitable and unprofitable, how they have grown and where there are further opportunities for both profit and growth.    We back these with the identification of very specific areas for improvement.   We continually strive to balance these practical details of business performance with the big picture context of the market, macro factors and a detailed understanding of our clients’ competitive sets and sources of competitive advantage.

Many projects are specifically focused on specific topics including  allocation of R&D and marketing investment, pricing, channel strategy, competitive analysis, market entry strategies and evaluation of acquisition options.   While these topics differ from one another, they all leverage our analytic skills and experience from many angles.  Frequently we apply knowledge and learnings from unrelated businesses in ways that provide unique insights for our clients’ businesses.

Using our fact base approach, we are able to develop and implement straight forward planning processes that result in high levels of buy-in around great strategies.


We work in a highly collaborative, inclusive manner that builds consensus among senior teams and other stake holders.   Our engagements produce well laid out sets of strategic priorities that stakeholders can rally around.  Underneath these strategic priorities we will work with you to set specific targets and build concrete action plans with an emphasis on metrics and accountability.

The end result is that our work produces strategies and actions that quickly provide bottom line results.  Our focus and business model allows us to provide big-consultancy success very quickly and cost effectively.  Because of our high ROI, most of our engagements are return business.

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