Examples of our recent work

Setting New Direction

For educational toy company, principal architect of 3-year strategic plan to recharge the business currently being deployed.  Drove consensus around plan.  Set strategic imperatives that became rallying call to company and communication vehicle to Wall Street.

International Growth

Built strategic plan for international division of educational technology company operating in over 70 countries around the world.  Developed set of strategic priorities around key imperatives and “pillar” markets and products that define the focus over the next three years.  Followed up with implementation.

Business Model Execution

For $650M food service company, developed and executed blueprint for a “go direct” model selling product to schools for fundraising.  Led senior team to alignment around business and financial targets, product policy,  pricing, organizational and sales forces structure etc.

Addressing Competitive Threats

Assessed the true nature and magnitude of threat from open-source software to $400M enterprise software company.  Identified main opportunities and actions providing the ability to thrive in the face of this threat.

Prioritizing R&D Investment

Developed framework and implemented plan for allocation of $100M in product development spend for multi-product line consumer electronics company.

Segmentation and Market Coverage

Uniquely segmented US education market sizing opportunities and defining main competitive battlefields.  Set tangible, actionable goals for developing new business and for increasing retention of existing customers.   Provided input to major reorganization of sales force.

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